Monday, May 10, 2010

what i loved yesterday.

i was pretty busy yesterday, and when i wasn't then, i was either sleeping or watching films on TV (had a kind of a movie-night by myself last night, hehe).
so this is yesterday's list:

✮ my mum ♥ (not that i wouldn' t love her on a daily-basis!)
✮ this new cafĂ© we went to celebrate Mothers' Day yesterday -- so pretty and lovely and flowery, and i just wanted it ALL to myself! i should've taken my camera... and i'm thinking of calling there to see if they need new waitresses for the summer ~.~
Mystery Train -- such an awesome movie! everyone should see it; i loved the first segment best (Japanese-lover like i am, hehe)
Control -- i'm a big Joy Division fan, and this was a really good movie portraying Ian Curtis' life (although very sad..)
✮ afternoon naps
✮ these lovely photos:

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