Wednesday, May 5, 2010

gorgeous Italy.

i was watching antm 10 about an hour ago, and all i could think was:
i miss rome. i miss rome. i miss rome.

i went there during the summer of '06, and stayed for a few days, as it wasn't the main destination of our vacation.
as my dad's a priest and has connections, he was supposed to get the chance to meet the Pope, but for some reason, it didn't work out. still, we got to see many beautiful places (the fountains, Vatican, the forums, etc) and eat delicious food (i tried lasagna and of course pizza as well there, and realized that true Italian food is absolutely amazing).
i can remember one of the nights where we were out and dying for some ice cream, so we went to this ice cream stand, and a bus-full of tourists saw us, and immediately bought some ice cream as well =D

i hope to find some of the photos i took while in Rome on my desktop computer, and if they're any good, then i might actually post them.

what about you? have you ever been to Rome? did you like it there/would you like to visit it?

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