Friday, May 14, 2010

bye for a few days.

i'm going to another town in Estonia this weekend (today after school), and i probably won't be able to update my blog as i'm not taking my laptop with me, and i'm not sure if my best friend gives me the time to update on her laptop, hehe.
but i'm really excited, because there is this museum night tomorrow (Sat), which means we'll get into museums for free!
the thing, though, is that it only lasts for four hours, and we always look around for such a long time, so idk how many we'll get to visit, but i guess we'll see ;)
also, we're thinking of starting going to (cheaper) museums in the morning or afternoon, because we're not totally out of money... yet xD
i'll be back by Sunday evening ;)

also! i called the café where i want to work, and sent them an e-mail with my CV... fingers crossed!
(also sent it to two other cafés; the thing is that i only have one recommender, because i did it at home and couldn't really ask anyone, either... besides my aunt, because she has a different surname, haha)

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