Friday, May 7, 2010

problems with newcomers.

Our principal made us fill out a survey last week, that was made especially for our class. we had to grade our classes from 1-10, 10 being the best, and write down all the problems we had, if we had, in these classes. i think that the reason why our class was chosen (besides the fact that we're newcomers as well this year) was that we have both new teachers (Chemistry and Literature+Estonian).

i must say that the results weren't surprising at all. the "winner" was History, because our classes are funny, educative, interesting, and the teacher doesn't let the students get out of hand and is always in charge, without being dictator-like. i agree with all of this, because she really is a really awesome teacher, who actually gets jokes and isn't afraid to laugh at them and actually tell them sometimes as well. she may tease some students a little, but never in a degrading or an insulting way, and usually what she says is true.

the worst class, or the "loser", was Estonian and Literature. i'm talking about these as one as there is one teacher. the problem with our teacher is that she contradicts herself a lot, doesn't talk about the subject in an understandable way, and doesn't really make it interesting. i gave her a pretty high score, comparing to others (5 for Estonian, 6 for Literature), because i already am interested in linguistics and the history of literature, so it's not that bad, but it's still pretty bad. she has only once graded my test correctly, and other times i've had to tell her that i got a better scoring. maybe she's really bad at math, i don't know, but really, you should actually trust the student that is interested! i once told her that i have more points than she wrote on top of the test, and i had to let my deskmate double check, because she kept telling me, "I counted the points many times." and only after my deskmate had told her that yes, I am right, did she change my grade.
and, if we're already talking about my deskmate, then we can't get around the fact that when we had the presentation of our year papers, then she lied in front of the committee that she'd told my deskmate to correct the mistakes, even though these weren't those mistakes that she'd told her. and yes, maybe it takes time to adapt to a new school, but that's no excuse for lying.

another thing was that there is a guy in our class, who talks during most of our classes, and who makes inappropriate jokes, and who tells GIRLS they're idiots when girls try to tell him calmly to be quiet. i'm not a feminist, but a young man should not tell that to anyone, especially if it's a girl.
what really puts our class to shame is that he is the first person in this school's history to be sent in front of the council because of behavioral issues (it's actually meant for people who have Fs or haven't done many tests or something else like that, that is related to studying and grades).

some people said that they felt like he's not that bad, but he is. he is disturbing most of this class. it isn't just 5-6 people, because then, it wouldn't probably have been discussed openly like this, in front of the whole class. and because of this, i can't really say i feel sorry for him, either. he's brought this down on himself -- the reason i don't really like him is not because "i just don't". it's because he keeps disturbing and annoying me, and sometimes i just want to tell him to shut the hell up, but i am who i am, and i don't say things like that loudly. besides, if he's going to tell me i'm a loser or an idiot, as well, then there really is no point in telling him that.

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