Thursday, May 6, 2010

i've been worried lately, due to some personal issues.
scared, even, because who knows what might still happen.
i think that what i'm most worried about is that the girl i'm worried about will not be communicating with me through internet anymore, even after she's back and getting help.
it's an irrational fear, maybe - one of my other friends said i've nothing to worry about, because she'll understand how much we care, but what if she doesn't?
what if she starts to think the opposite?
i love her, i'm so glad i met her. she's an amazing girl, and has been an incredible friend to me. i need her in my life.
please? i know probably no one knows about this blog (not yet, anyway), but if you've stumbled upon it, please pray and/or hope, depending on what you believe, that she'll get well.
i'm going to keep doing that for as long as needed.

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