Wednesday, May 5, 2010

what i loved today.

✮ finding a fellow Manic Street Preachers fan from Estonia!! (i've been waiting and hoping for this, hehe)
✮ walking to school this morning - it was so sunny!
✮ going to a lecture about story-theatre/playback theatre (sorry, most of the English version of the site is under construction!)
✮ getting to miss English, even if it was because of some stupid important lecture about HPV, which, yes, is very, very important, but i knew it already! (i read too many pamphlets i don't actually need to read xD) - nothing against English, but i don't really like our teacher...
✮ finally understanding Physics(!!)
✮ getting three new t-shirts and a new pair of pants - i bought two of the shirts, and my lovely mum bought the last one and the pants =)
✮ discovering Unicorn/Dream Magazine - i'm thinking of sending a dream, but i'm not entirely sure yet...
✮ this lovely photo:

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  1. Oh,another reader of the Unicorn magazine! ^_^ I think it's so dreamy. :D