Monday, January 31, 2011

what I love today...

everything's boiling over right now. there's so much to do. i was ill last week and now have three tests to re-do while studying for other tests, while trying to read Balzac's "Father Goriot", while trying to write my year paper, while trying to get myself healthy again. we have this big event with our choir on February 15, we have to sing to see where we qualify in the upcoming Singing Festival (my first time at the Singing Festival! going to be awesome ~.~) and i have a fucking cough so i have to study at home when i'm better because clearly i could not go to practice today. i have to watch a movie for sociology with three other people and somehow manage to write a 15-page analysis with those three people (they're awesome, but a joint analysis? how is this going to work out?). i have an oral philosophy exam next Friday.

this is exactly why i need a list of what i appreciate today. i need a fucking list to show me why i want to be alive because everything's blowing up in my face and if i do not make a stupid list then i'll continue on being miserable. so i'm making a list.

things i loved today:
✮ it's still really pretty outside, with all the snow ~.~
✮ i'm getting healthier - no more fever of 102!
✮ hematogen ❤ it's a sweet/candy bar, one of its ingredients is processed animal blood which is good when your hemoglobin level is low (mine's 100, when 115-150 is the normal range for women;; the candy bar's good anyway, the fact that it improves my health is just a bonus, haha)
✮ philosophy - as difficult as it is, then i love it (and our teacher's great ~.~)
i am alive - i've been hearing of accidents lately (mainly one where a 22-year-old my school graduate and my best friend's friend (they went to the same class and she's the one who she was the most close with) fell down an unclosed well last Wednesday... RIP) and this makes me appreciate life a lot more.

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