Sunday, January 23, 2011

~English contest~

some people have no brain sometimes.
you tell me ONE week in advance that i can go to a contest and expect me to be all, "Oh, yeah, i'd love to! i have no life, anyway, so i may as well go!"?
you really think i'm like that?
NO! i'm NOT. definitely not in high school and definitely not this year when i'm doing a hundred things a week.
next week's Friday is January 28. i'm going to a big project meeting on January 28. i decided on January 17 that i would go, because there was no reason not to. and then you send me a e-mail on January 21.
i would really, really love to go to the contest. really, i would, but now i do not know what to do!

i'm going to ask my teacher tomorrow if 11th grade's first place would open some chances for me. if not, then i'm not going this year.

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