Sunday, January 23, 2011

back with loads of philosophy ~.~

wow! i haven't posted here for so long!

the reason i started again is because i needed a place where i could openly talk about the things that bother me about myself. this is a place where i can talk about my health because there are people i know from school that are following my tumblr and reading my livejournal.

of course i'll try to post positive things here as well! don't worry, it will not be all negative.

i have philosophy at the moment. Middle age philosophy. Christian philosophy. I CAN UNDERSTAND SOMETHING!!! yay xD

we're talking about Aquino Thomas at the moment, and he believed in something very true, something i also need to start believing in:

During the time the person lives on Earth, s/he is a combination of soul and body. Soul and body cannot be separated during life on Earth. The soul can exist after the body's death, but the soul does need the body to be able to live on Earth.

there is no other way, it is not possible. we cannot sense this world if we do not have a body. every person needs a body, including me.

i just need to start believing in this one hundred percent.

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