Wednesday, February 2, 2011

just another sleepy day...

this is what i enjoyed most about today:
✮ writing an essay - the topics sucked and i am not that happy about the outcome (i chose "A person between choices" as my topic and wrote a very... politically correct essay on why regular people should not be putting politicians down because if they were given the power then they'd mess up sometimes again... all this while being one of the people not interested in politics at all and the one to diss politicians a lot... lol), but i always like writing
✮ hematogen - bought it again today! so yummy~
✮ pickled cucumber - made macaroni salad with it
✮ philosophy test went well - A/B, hopefully?
✮ sleep - as the title says, this has been a very sleepy day and i'm happy to be home now so i can once go to sleep at a normal time (it's 9pm; i already slept two hours, though, from 6 to 8pm)

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