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this is how i've been influenced.

[this is my writing, written some time ago... probably a year or so? if you like this and want to post it somewhere, please let me know and make sure you credit me. suggestions and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated as well since i would love to continue (and finish!) this but don't know how. names are stupid, pay no attention to them as of now (OR give me suggestions for better names!). the boys' character and style were inspired by Richey & Nicky from Manic Street Preachers.]

I’ve been looking into words, just so I’d know what to talk about when with you, but you’re still too intelligent to understand.



‘Love is...’

I noticed the two words instantly, even before I noticed the notebook that they were scribbled on. I stared at it, until I heard a voice.

“It was on your desk when I came. Isn’t it yours?”

I shook my head promptly, but then noticed the doodles that were definitely mine.

“I mean.. Yeah.. It is.” I said shortly.

My notebook had changed, somehow. It wasn’t just the two small words that were now resting on the cover. It was the whole appearance of it. It seemed much more intimate now.

Later, flipping through it, I found a loose piece of paper.


‘Life’s too short.’

I really didn’t think anything of it until, one day, after school, I couldn’t find the notebook in my bag.

‘Who is this person?’ I growled in my mind after remembering that there were a few pieces of writing in there that weren’t meant to be seen to anyone else but me.


“You sure leave your stuff behind a lot.” My deskmate commented. I mumbled a “mmhmm” and quickly picked up the notebook.

‘If you only knew...’

Finding that loose piece of paper, I wanted to growl.

‘I really would like to know.’ I thought as my eyes rested upon the short piece of prose that I had written in the notebook.

It had been about the cruelty of humankind. Not really anything but rambles, as my writings usually were like that.

I looked around the classroom, but couldn’t find anyone who would be interested enough in me to know which notebook I wrote my stories in, let alone have the patience to keep an eye on me and others so that they could steal the notebook. Not one person in my class seemed to fit that description.

Nonetheless, my eyes stayed put when they found James looking at me.

James was more popularly known as Chuck, because that was the only thing his best friend would ever call him.

I considered him and his best friend as kind of an odd pair, maybe a bit off-putting. They looked like they had come straight from the glam rock days. No one ever really talked to them, but that, to me, wasn’t that odd because I was rarely talked to as well and it was nice to know I wasn’t the only one, even if that sounds a little evil.

Still, even when off-putting and odd and whatnot, he couldn’t have been the one.

There just was no reason for him to do something like this.


“Today starts now.”

I looked straight at him. It was only three people, it was still a bit dusky outside, and it felt cold and alone.

“Is there a reason to this?” I choked out as loud as I could, but the voice still came out too frail and fraught for my liking. It sounded as if I was scared, but there was no real reason to be anything of the sort.

“That’s for you to decide.” Chuck spoke up quietly while looking at Alias.

Alias was a nickname for his best friend, his real name being Allen.

“Okay? That sure helps me a lot.” I snapped and made my way out the classroom.


“Alias?” I shouted. “Uhm.. Alias?!” My voice grew a bit louder. He stopped and turned around.


“What’s this all about?” I asked and, for some reason, immediately felt embarrassed after doing so.

“I’m not quite sure.” I frowned at his answer and was starting to depart from him when he suddenly added, “I’m going to Chuck’s in a bit.”

“Why wasn’t he at school today?”

“Sick,” Alias grinned at me, “or so he says.”

“So can you ask him? To... I don’t know... Either stop or explain before doing it again?” I asked quietly.

“I was kind of thinking that maybe you’d come along?” Alias’ grin grew wider. He looked like the Cheshire Cat when he did that. I stared at him, not finding anything fun in this situation. “It’ll be fine. It’s not like we’re going to do something, or whatever.” I looked down quickly, but could still see his grin getting even wider from the corner of my eye. Or was that just my imagination, because it couldn’t have been humanly possible to smile like that, right?

“It’s the only way to find out...” He added with a kind of a singsong voice. I rolled my eyes.

“Is it far?”


The first thing I saw when we walked into his room were the books that were placed everywhere you could imagine. It looked like my room.

“A house without books is like a room without windows.” He seemed to notice what I was looking at.

I nodded at the quote and watched Alias sit himself down on the bed, next to Chuck.

“So, why’s she here?” Chuck smiled lightly when looking at Alias.

“She’s a bit pissed, I reckon.” Alias shrugged.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Just... Wondering what the whole notebook thing is about..” I kept looking at the books. I had started with the ones on the desk and was now reading all the titles of the books on the floor that I could. Chuck stayed quiet.

“Chuck?” I could see Alias nudge him from the corner of my eye, but it didn’t matter. He stayed quiet.

“I guess I should go then.” I muttered after a few minutes of silence.

“No, you can stay.” Alias quickly cut me off.

“And do what?” I snapped, getting more and more annoyed.

“Just.. read, and talk. And other shit like that.” He offered as he stood up. “I’ll be right back.” After he had walked out of the room, I decided to stare at Chuck. He seemed to have the ability to make doing nothing seem interesting.

“You really don’t have to stand there, you know. There’s the floor. Or the bed. Or the chair.” Chuck informed me.

I chose the floor.

“You don’t really talk that much, do you?” I asked him after a while.

“Well, neither do you, as I’ve noticed.” He responded. I only rolled my eyes at that,

“Really though – what’s this all about?”

Chuck shrugged briefly, “I just thought it’d be interesting. Sorry if it scared you or pissed you off or something.”

“Oh... Well... It’s fine, I just didn’t understand why you were doing it...” I trailed off, thinking about the three words he’d written for me today. “What did you mean by today starts now?”

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